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duminică, 21 iunie 2015

Saraswatarishta is ayurvedic nerve tonic

Saraswatarishta is ayurvedic nerve tonic used in epilepsy, Mental disorder, Memory weakness and other mind related disorders. Saraswatarishta ingredients are combination of anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant that help in memory-enhancing.
It is useful for all age groups. It provides strength to heart muscles as well as improves blood supply to heart muscles. It is helpful in condition of memory loss due to any cause. It is an nerving tonic and has special effect on central nervous system.


Brahmi, shatavar, Bidari, Haritaki, Ushir, Sonth, saunph, Nishoth, clove, pipal, banch, Kut, Ashwagandha, Bahera, Giloy, Ela, Vidang, Dalchini, Dhatakiand jaggery.

Therapeutic use of Saraswatarishta:

- Alzheimer disease
- Dementia
- Epilepsy
- Alterative, tonic and relaxes nervous system.
- Used in convulsions
- Nervous debility
- Stammering
- Loss of memory
- Insomnia
- Seminal weakness


15~30 ml with equal quantity of water.

SURSA : http://www.bimbima.com/