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Se afișează postările cu eticheta libido. Afișați toate postările

sâmbătă, 23 iunie 2018

Supplements - herbal extract


Our supplements are based on natural herbal extracts. Proven to be effective, they are developed for fitness and sports as well as for promoting well-being and libido. We can proudly say that during the years the company has built a reputation of a first class manufacturer, and our products are highly valued and sought after on the international markets. VemoHerb® are not just dietary supplements. VemoHerb‘s kernel team is made of people who deeply believe that: - Health is a gift of nature, and it is completely natural. It is not synthetic, it is not modified; - The human body has everything necessary to stay in great shape and maintain a wonderful healthy status – all we need to do is help it.
Selling in  AT, BG, CZ, DE, HU, PL, RU, SK

Categorii produse

  • Sports and fitness
  • Health and care

    Our main goal in the manufacturing of VemoHerb® supplements is to guarantee the high quality, that supports the healthy lifestyle and the excellent physical form. We differentiate from the most manufacturers and retailers by the fact that we are one of the very few companies in this business nowadays which have completely closed the production cycle for every single product that we place on the market. We manufacture by ourselves not only the final forms but also the raw materials (extracts) we put into them. This allows us to maintain strict analytical control at every single stage of the production process, and thus guarantee the highest possible standards for our clients. VemoHerb® periodically initiates comparative studies of similar products on the market, demonstrating the superiority of VemoHerb® in terms of the concentration of active substances (this directly reflects to the effectiveness and the action that the customer actually feels).


    The best champions use only the best products - VemoHerb.
    VemoHerb is proud to be presented by the sports club Velev GYM: all bodybuilders from Velev GYM are awarded with medals, including 3 golden ones!